Company & vision

“Identify and patent new uses of existing drugs in order to accelerate patients access to innovation.”

Harmonic Pharma’s approach :

We believe that a lot of progress can be made with what is already known and therefore we have designed an original approach to decipher the actual mechanism of action of therapeutic compounds and thus, to open new way of investigation of known drugs with documented safety.
Our know-how is the result of a combined effort by seasoned team members with diverse and complementary backgrounds.
The company core innovation derives from polypharmacology, a new paradigm in drug design and selection.

Harmonic Pharma is a pioneer in «pharmacological rediscovery ©» by use of the polypharmacology paradigm – i.e. identifying the ensemble of biological targets linked to therapeutic compounds – a breakthrough in science [Perez-Nueno et al. 2014 & 2015].

The company has developed a unique platform comprising spherical harmonic based 3D shapes of molecules, a proprietary collection of safe drugs, and disease relevant in vivo models. We have revisited assets for oncology, infectious diseases, and the central nervous system.

Considering that safety of compounds that we process is known and well documented in man, our approach allows an accelerated pre-clinical investigation in the newly identified indication while advancing drug candidates to a de-risked clinical development sooner.

Harmonic Pharma’s tackles challenges in health-care, such as :

Science based innovation driving the need for precision medicine.
More stringent regulatory environment for efficient new compounds well differentiated from the standard of care.
Growing demand for safer and affordable therapies.