By Opening Up Options For Enhancing Your Drug Candidates.

Clinical validation is extremely timely and costly. How about going down a de-risked path?

We can help ensure you have a robust clinical pipeline and market-driven therapeutic drugs. Our innovative platform offers a combination of chemo and bioinformatics as well as in vitro and in vivo experiments to optimize your product life cycle management.

The increase in chronic diseases and healthcare costs requires a new approach to therapeutics. Our Polypharmacology platform is part of the solution by revisiting the potential of novel indications.

Indication Hopping:

  • Life-cycle management: Cutting-edge science for providing clues and patenting non-obvious use in a novel indication
  • Compound failed in Phase II/III: Due to lack of efficacy but safety validated
  • Patent expires soon: Compound becomes generic

Polypharmocology based advice to assist:

  • In your licensing-in strategy to extend your pipeline
  • In your licensing-out strategy for making deals with partners