Harmonic Pharma’s know-how is based on the polypharmacology* paradigm.

This makes it possible to consider the ensemble of cognate biological targets of drugs and therefore driving the need for a better understanding of their actual mechanism of action and paving the way to their novel therapeutic uses.

Indeed, a generally admitted paradigm is to consider that “a molecule interacts with one targeted protein leading to a biological effect and consequently one therapeutic indication“.

With polypharmacology, Harmonic Pharma offers the following alternative paradigm, assessed by recent scientific works :a molecule interacts potentially with several protein targets leading to one (or more) biological effect(s).

Thus, we have been revisiting known safe drugs from our proprietary collection of 15,000 compounds to find out potential novel uses and to select consistent drug candidates in the targeted indications.

In our vision, revisiting drugs with polypharmacology means linking cutting-edge science with up-to-date computational technology – i.e. innovative molecular representations – and disease relevant in vivo models, in a straightforward and efficient way.

*Polypharmacology : A breakthrough in science [Perez-Nueno et al. 2014&2015]