Firstly, the chemical is depicted in a spherical harmonic based proprietary representation.

Secondly, the chemical is compared with datasets of safe small molecules in our proprietary database enabling novel targets to be identified.

Finally, we provide a biological profile with predictive associated targets – clues to get a deeper understanding of the mechanism of action of chemicals – and with off-targets responsible for toxicity.


Over the years, the Rediscovery Platform® has evolved continuously and is being used by different experts belonging to the pharmaceutical, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, and chemistry industries.

We address the needs of clients in a variety of applications including :

  • Drug repurposing : Our platform is suitable for providing a biological rationale for new therapeutic applications of drugs and/or drug candidates
  • Target(s) identification and validation : our platform enables the profiling of a chemical with the ensemble of associated targets (poly-pharmacology profile) to identify and validate novel targets
  • Target deconvolution following phenotypic screening : our platform helps identify targets and clues for deciphering the mechanism of action of hits 
  • Objectivation of natural extracts : After the characterization of the molecular content of a natural extract, our technology is offering solutions to decipher biological targets and subsequent applications
  • Off-targets responsible for toxicity : In this case, our platform is used to generate an alert regarding newly identified biological targets linked to toxic events
  • Substitution of potential toxic compounds : Our in silico screening and profiling platform provides clues to choose a safer compound  with regard to an unwanted toxicity profile


By profiling the mechanisms of action of chemicals more comprehensively, we provide additional pieces of a rationale for making decisions.

    •  Saving time and money by driving in vitro/in vivo efficacy studies with less compounds to be tested
    •  Identifying IP opportunities : consolidating a market presence and expanding into new segments
    •  Supporting “go/no-go” decisions in R&D projects by providing a valuable scientific rationale through deep and detailed analyses

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