PFAS International Congress in Paris - 13.06.2023

27 March 2023

On June 13 & 14, in Paris, the 2nd edition of the international congress on PFAS (Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) will be a unique opportunity to meet all the actors concerned by this theme.
Harmonic Pharma SAFETY BY DESIGN ® is part of the program at 14:40 on Tuesday, June 13, 2023 : 

Combination of QSAR models and chemical clustering – application to the PFAS’ toxicology assessment :

  • Philippe Oudin, CEO – Semaco Environnement & Professor at the Ecole des Mines de Nancy
  • Sinan Karaboga, Scientific and Commercial  Director – Harmonic Pharma

More information here.

SFT Congress in Avignon - 25.11.2022

1 March 2023
SAFETY BY DESIGN® was present in the poster session “Combination of QSAR models and chemical clustering as a NAM for computational toxicology” at the annual congress of the Société Française de Toxicologie on November 24 and 25 in Avignon.
Many thanks to the Société Française de Toxicologie selection committee for awarding us the scientific poster prize for a new alternative method combining toxicity prediction and chemical clustering models. This award is a great recognition of the implementation of our new SAFETY BY DESIGN ® software which allows to do: computational toxicological prediction, activity profile and visualization of chemicals.
Link to the poster here.

Harmonic Pharma at the Seqens' Lab - October 13 2022

HARMONIC PHARMA – SAFETY BY DESIGN® is pleased to inform you that the company will be present  at the Seqens’Lab in Porcheville on October 13, 2022 alongside BIOMNIGENERondol Group et GenEvolutioN®

This day will be an opportunity :
– To discover the ecosystem of companies sheltered by the Seqens’ Lab of which Harmonic Pharma is a member.
– To take part in a presentation of the SEQENS Group’s R&D services, which are among the most comprehensive in the world.
– To visit the laboratories as well as the pilot units, with in particular the new Flow Chemistry pilot, unique in Europe.
– To attend a conference by Professor Gavin Andrews (Queen’s University) on the key theme of Improving the Bioavailability of active ingredients.
– To attend a presentation of the Seqens offer in terms of regulatory support (contribution to the supply of the marketing file of the drug).
– To participate in discussions with the various Seqens experts (regulatory, chemistry, analytical, CSR, HSE).

The president of the SEQENS group, Pierre Luzeau, will be present to welcome the numerous guests, including members of the Scientific Advisory Board, players in the French biotech ecosystem and high-ranking scientists.

La toxicologie prédictive comme alternative à l'expérimentation animale

12 April 2022
La toxicologie prédictive comme alternative à l'expérimentation animale

Lisez ici l’article de présentation de l’entreprise paru dans l’est républicain (paywall).

Interview for Clubster NSL

12 April 2022
Interview for Clubster NSL

Lisez la dernière interview de notre directeur scientifique Sinan Karaboga ici !

Read the last interview (in french) of our scientific director Sinan Karaboga for Clubster NSL here !

Harmonic Pharma at the BIOKET 2022

15 March 2022
Harmonic Pharma at the BIOKET 2022

Harmonic pharma will participate in BIOKET2022 in Lille from March 15th to 17th: a conference dedicated to processes and technologies applied to biomass.
Let’s meet and discuss B2B synergies over a cup of coffee. #pharmaceuticals #cosmectics #chemistry #toxicology

For more information.

Offre d'emploi/Job offer

18 February 2022

Dans le cadre de notre partenariat avec le LORIA (Laboratoire Lorrain de Recherche en Informatique et ses Applications), nous recherchons un ingénieur Bio/Chimio-informaticien.

Plus d’informations ici.

As part of our partnership with LORIA (Lorraine Research Laboratory in Computer Science and its Applications”), we are looking for a Bio/Chemo-Informatics Engineer.

More information here.

Harmonic Pharma at the 10th annual meeting of the American Society for Cellular and Computational Toxicology, October 12-14, 2021

13 October 2021

Harmonic Pharma attended the annual meeting of the ASCCT : click here to read our poster.

Adebiotech Webinar

27 June 2021

Our CSO Sinan Karaboga will be giving a presentation, In Silico Predictive Toxicology: Genotoxic Impurities Case Study, during the webinar on detection, prediction and analysis of mutagenic/genotoxic compounds hosted by Adebiotech on July 1st. All the details here !


Webinar Clubster NSL

26 April 2021

Clubster NSL | LinkedIn

Our scientific director will attend the webinar from Clubster NSL on april 28th.

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