Harmonic Pharma has been developing computational solutions that combine predictive toxicology, mechanism of action investigation, and data modeling of small molecules. 
Harmonic Pharma involves a broad spectrum of cutting-edge computational methodologies to help customers in the following fields : pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetics, and chemistry-related industries.

Predictive Toxicology

HARMONIC PHARMA offers its Compound Toxicity Profile (CTP) based on proprietary selection of descriptors deriving from artificial intelligence (AI)-based technologies

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Mechanism of Action Investigation

HARMONIC PHARMA offers its Rediscovery Platform® to fully profile the ensemble of biological targets (poly-pharmacology) associated with a chemical.

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    Data Modeling

    It uses spherical harmonics to generate 3D representations of chemicals completed with natural language processing (NLP) and deep learning techniques to fulfill the chemical profile.

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      • Profiling chemicals by providing high-value information about their benefits and risks
      • Helping clients in the decision-making process for managing the life-cycle of their chemicals
      • Saving time and money with a “safety by design ®” product management

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