…To small molecules at each stage of development

Harmonic Pharma uses Spherical Harmonics through its proprietary platform to :
– find new uses for safe drugs/molecules
– assess the toxicity of a molecule
– substitute a molecule known to be toxic

Harmonic Pharma makes in silico prediction to help its clients to take the best decisions to manage the life-cycle of their molecules of interest.

Historically, HPH has been active in the field of pharma, nutraceutics, cosmetics and, increasingly, in the fields of industry and the environment.

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Safety and Toxicity

Safety and Toxicity is a big issue to be addressed with necessary continuous efforts to be made. For your client too!

Whether they are our molecules or yours we ensure their:

  • safety in humans
  • level of efficacy
  • market potential

Preclinical stage

The HARMONIC Pharmacological Rediscovery® platform will help you discover novel leads.

We compare your molecule(s) with a proprietary dataset of molecules that have a desirable efficacy and safety profile and also carry out:

  • Extensive characterization of your preclinical candidates: biological targets, Mechanisms Of Action (MOA), potential side effects
  • Prioritization of your preclinical candidates according to their polypharmacological profiling
  • New preclinical scaffolds for investigation

Clinical stage

The HARMONIC Pharmacological Rediscovery® platform will help you:

  • Find new indications by carrying out better life cycle management of your molecules
  • Optimize clinical trial design and identify stratified target populations
  • Optimize your portfolio with in/out licensing opportunities


Adding Value By Identifying New Targets?

HARMONIC PHARMA offers its customers mature technologies and a collection of molecules representing a rich source of therapeutic and commercial value. Safety has already been approved in humans enabling robust and accelerated development making sure you reach your business targets.