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Harmonic Pharma has developed a unique approach to find new uses of safe drugs and natural dietary supplements : polypharmacology. Our expertise is a powerful accelerator of R&D: as the toxicity is already thoroughly documented in the original indication, development will be less risky and access to market will be faster in the proposed novel use.

Today, Harmonic Pharma applies its expertise in oncology and natural product derived wellness.

Michel Souchet – CEO

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harmonic pharma

Harmonic Pharma is the very first company developing and applying the polypharmacology paradigm to health and wellness. The expertise of the company results from a breakthrough innovation combined with the use of safe drugs and compounds.

About us


Since inception in 2009, Harmonic Pharma has successfully managed several million euros R&D programs, including the development of assets which have been patented and are ready to be licensed out :

Oncology : An asset for Non Small Cell Lung Cancer (in monotherapy and/or in combination with existing treatments).
Natural product derived wellness : One natural extract from the Vosges forests.

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Harmonic Pharma, the boosting research start-up
23 May 2016


Harmonic Pharma makes the front page of “L’Est Républicain” journal today !

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Investment key factors:

  • An active worldwide market seeking innovations.
  • A innovative know-how recognized internationally.
  • A proprietary technology providing access to therapeutic areas.
  • A robust R&D through strategic partners.
  • An experienced team with complementary backgrounds.

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