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Photo_Michel_Souchet_2Espacement_President_HomepageHarmonic Pharma has developed a unique «pharmacological rediscovery ©» know-how based on polypharmacology to characterize new uses of safe drugs. Our approach allows an accelerated pre-clinical investigation in the newly identified indication while advancing drug candidates to a de-risked clinical development sooner.

Oncology is one of the major priorities of the company.

Michel Souchet, PhD – CEO

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harmonic pharma

Harmonic Pharma is the very first company developing and applying the polypharmacology paradigm to strategic therapeutic areas such as oncology. The company’s know-how derives from a breakthrough innovation  allowing to revisit safe drugs and drug candidates.

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Harmonic Pharma’s pipeline comprises a selection of drugs with a known safety profile that can be evaluated rapidly in phase IIb, once efficacy in the novel selected indication is demonstrated.

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World Cancer Congress
13 July 2016


Harmonic Pharma will be part of the 2016 World Cancer Congress in Paris ! You are welcome to visit us at booth #23 of the global village.

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Strategic partnering

Investment key factors:

  • Highly innovative technology for revisiting drugs allowing a robust transition from a novel mechanism of action to drug candidates
  • Team members with complementary and experienced backgrounds
  • Reducing time to clinical trial
  • Strong IP positions
  • Partnering with experts institutions in oncology

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